My name is Jade, I am a lifestyle blogger who grew up in the beautiful country of France.

I have imagined this blog during the 2015 Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco to share my love for travels, fashion, jet-set events, healthy organic cuisine and natural, non-toxic cosmetics.

Daughter of a French mother – who’s an esthete fashion visionary & addict of naturopathy – and a Moroccan doctor father, I have been raised in a world where a healthy attitude finds all its importance, while living in France – the utmost country of refinement – has always been an asset to get closer to the world of fashion and develop a critical sense in all luxury fields including cuisine and travels.

My sense of creativity, knowledge about healthy foods, taste for stylish clothing and luxury travels, along with my passion for acting and love of writing, pushed me to share my experiences and vision through my own website.

The name of my blog is a play on words with my first name Jade and “demoiselle”, a French word for “young lady”.

I also have previously contributed to the website Your Zen Life by writing articles you can still find here