Best organic skin-care & make-up products without endocrine disruptors

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Today I’m coming up with exciting news about my all time favourite organic skin-care and make-up products!!

Why to chose natural and organic skin-care & make-up products?

I’ve always eaten organic foods and have a mostly plant-based diet which is very healthy and delicious at the same time. Maybe you also have the same convictions about diet than me and realise that it makes your skin, eyes, nails and hair look healthy, clean and glowing!

But even if the youth and beauty mainly come from the inside out, your skin appearance and global health can be harmed by most of the creams, shampoos, make-up, perfume and abrasive cleansers you can buy in beauty shops, perfumeries, supermarkets, and even pharmacies. Plus, some brands are sometimes very expensive and launch regularly new products promising to make you look more beautiful than ever so that you fall into the trap of our consumer society, each time!

Of course I also buy some non-natural make-up because it’s hard to come close to amazing mascaras, foundations and blushers some luxurious French make-up brands offer. But at least I try to avoid the skin-care products and wear this type of make-up only when I really need to look the best possible to got to parties or ceremonies for example.

My advice is to use as much as possible organic products because the others contain heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic; many toxic substances including fragrance; nanoparticles which penetrate the brain-blood barrier and can lead to DNA mutation and cancers.
One of The Environmental Working Group studies showed that nearly ¼ of all cosmetic products may be contaminated with a chemical called 1,4-dioxane. This chemical contains petroleum and can cause cancer. Moreover, most of cosmetic products contain phthalates, another petroleum derivative we also find in plastic bottles, bags and containers.

Skin is our largest organ and is permeable. It means that anything chemical you put on it, or on your hair and nails, will directly go into your blood, and even intoxicate your organs (e.g.: liver). On the long term, these intoxications can lead to bad skin appearance (because you’re not healthy your skin won’t look good), headaches, various diseases and cancers.
Some serious clinical studies recently showed that make-up products like foundation, mascara, lip-stick or nail lacquer are endocrine disruptors… 

What are endocrine disruptors?

endocrine disruptors are chemicals that, at certain doses, can interfere with the endocrine (or hormone) system in mammals. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. Any system in the body controlled by hormones can be derailed by hormone disruptors. Specifically, endocrine disruptors may be associated with the development of learning disabilities, severe attention deficit disorder, cognitive and brain development problems; deformations of the body (including limbs); breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid and other cancers; sexual development problems such as feminizing of males or masculinizing effects on females, etc. source:

If you wish to know which products (even toothpaste) contain such chemicals and should be avoided, there is here a good website:

Where is it better to buy organic skin-care and make-up?

– organic stores
– official organic brands’ websites or any other website you trust

Note that the organic products you can find in regular supermarkets or pharmacies are generally not of the same quality as the ones of shops selling exclusively organic products.

Jademoiselle favourite beauty products …

Type of my skin: normal/sensitive, sometimes with tiny acne spots due to diet change (e.g. Christmas holiday, lol) or hormonal cycle.                                                                                                               

If you have a different type of skin, you can still use most of the same products and brands as me but adapt your cleanser and moisturiser depending on your own skin type (oily/combination/sensitive/dry).

I’ve separated the products I use the most in different categories. You will also find the links of the websites where I bought the ones I couldn’t find in shops here in France.

1- Cleanse

Face sponge with green clay (to clean oily and combination skins)– The Konjac Sponge Co (1)

– Cream cleanser (from the normal/sensitive 3 step system) – Kora Organics (2)                                                
– Lait démaquillant visage et yeux + solution micellaire démaquillante – Cattier                                            
– Brightening face polish – Amala (3)


2- Refresh & soothe

– Silk body powder (to clean and hydrate skin from head to toes, I generally put a small amount on a cotton pad and apply it on my underarms to stay clean and smell good) – Dr. Hauschka

– Déodorant à la rose (spray) – Weleda                                                                                                                                 
– Natural deodorant with tea tree and lavender – Earth Science                                                                             
– Calming lavender mist (from the 3 step system) – Kora Organics (4)                                                                      
– Eau de Camomille (to drink and/or apply on skin) – Shigeta (5) 


3- Moisturise / Hydrate & treat

– Soothing day and night cream (from the 3 step system) – Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr (6)

– Purifying gel cream (I use it when my skin is a bit oily or over small spots) – Cattier                                       
– Blemish gel (sample, soothe and restore) – Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr (7)

4- Nourish

Night-time antioxidant serum – Sally B’s skin yummies (8)

– Antioxidant skin boost (this is an awesome powder you can blend well with the night-time serum and apply on face and neck 15 to 30 min before going to bed) – Sally B’s skin yummies (9)

– Rose hip oil (deep hydration and excellent to regenerate skin after a damage (burns or scars) and leaves a new skin. Not so good for oily skin though, especially with acne) – Melvita

– Lip balm – Martina Gebhardt                                                                                                                                      
– Lip & skin balm in “simply vanilla” – RMS Beauty (10)                                                                                                     
– Samples from Sally B’s skin yummies that I liked: daytime antioxidant serum; intensive eye   repair; and my favourite one: the cleanser which leaves your face smooth like a baby skin!


5- Beautify

– From Benecos:
Natural Eyeshadow “Beautifuleyes 001”; Natural Lipliner (pink); Natural Lipstick “Pink Rose”; Natural Powder Blush “Sassy Salmon” and vegan brush “Rouge Brush”; Natural Mascara Maximum Volume “Smooth Brown”; Natural Eyebrow-Designer (in dark brown); Natural Kajal (in grey).

– From Dr. Hauschka:                                                                                                                                                    
Lip liner 03; Mascara (in brown).

– From Vapour:
Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (in 125); Solar Translucent Bronzer (in Simmer 222) (11)

– From RMS Beauty:
Lip & skin balm (in simply vanilla); Concealer: “un” cover-up (in 22); Lip2Cheeks (demure; smile); Volumizing mascara (black). (12)

– From Kora Organics:
Tinted Day Cream – to apply over your day cream, has a really nice texture for an organic product, same for any skin tone. I use it instead of a foundation, it has less coverage but a very nice brown (finally not red) colour that makes you look more tanned and you can always hide skin imperfections previously with a concealer like the one from RMS Beauty! (13)



Well, I hope you found this information about natural cosmetics helpful and will perhaps enjoy some of these products as much as I do.

Take care of yourself!


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