Easy Cellulite-Free Body!

Hello beauties, I wrote you this article to let you know of very simple natural ways to get rid of cellulite with new techniques I found out recently!

I recently watched some videos of top model Kelly Gale and learned really cool things from her. The beautiful Swedish model who is half Indian and half Australian – known from Victoria’s Secret sexy shows and Enrique Iglesias’ Duele El Corazon video clip – is really taking care of her body through an intense sports regimen, a healthy diet including superfoods and a good skincare routine with mostly natural products.

It was in a Harper’s Bazaar’s video that I learned what she does to keep away from the cellulite she once had all over her legs and felt very unsecure about. I can understand her as I also always had a lot of cellulite on my thighs and butt.😒

Following her advice, I bought some ingredients (all organic) to make a DIY body scrub with what she uses. All I needed was:

– Coffee grounds
– Coconut oil
– Cypress essential oil
– Cinnamon bark essential oil

Kelly actually keeps the coffee separate from the coconut oil mixed with the essential oils and put a bit of both of them on her skin in the shower, but I thought it might be more blended and easier to apply a nice body scrub with all the ingredients already mixed before.

I took an old plastic pot easy for traveling and mixed everything together inside. I didn’t really measure the ingredients, it is just important to make it a little bit creamy but with enough coffee grounds to scrub your skin and I poured around 15 drops of each essential oil. I advise you to blend well all the ingredients in a large bowl before pouring it all into your pot.

And here is how it looks…

The next advice I took not only from her but from other models and nutritionists is dry brushing. It is a health practice which helps to exfoliate dry skin, improving lymphatic drainage, stimulating circulation, reducing ingrown hairs and the appearance of cellulite.

It is even helpful for people suffering from eczema, keratosis pilaris and psoriasis.

I heard about it from a long time but never really tried it. So I went to natural drugstores and organic grocery stores but didn’t find a large brush made with plant bristles instead of boar bristles, as I am turning vegan as much as I can.

So I remembered Supermodel Miranda Kerr loves dry brushing her skin and I looked for the very same brand she uses and that produces vegan products only. This brand is Australian and called “Bodecare”. They have really top quality brushed and I found myself a “Cellulite / Poor Blood Circulation Face & Body Pack” with the Deluxe FSC Dry Body Brush. This pack includes a soft face brush, a Sisal mitt glove to exfoliate and wash in the shower with a soap you can put inside, a Towelling head band, Turkish pumice to exfoliate the bottom of feet, a Tea tree hydrosol for brush hygiene and a Detox massage oil. I received free Rosehip oil (very effective against scars) for this purchase and I also took a bamboo toothbrush.

It is quite simple to dry brush your skin and the results are certain. It is though useful to watch 1 or 2 tutorials on Youtube to know in which direction it is better to brush in order to support lymphatic drainage.

There is a second DIY product I made while doing the coffee skin scrub and it is a natural whitening toothpaste. A friend of mine told me brushing teeth with turmeric makes them turn white. Yes you heard it, not yellow but White!!!! So I did my research and found a nice and simple recipe for a turmeric-based toothpaste. You can also just put some turmeric powder on your toothbrush but I wanted the most efficient version to brush my teeth several times a week. You just have to blend the following ingredients:

– 4 Tbsp of turmeric
– 2 Tbsp of baking soda (edible one)
– 3 Tbsp of coconut oil

And tadaaaa…. 🙂

So I hope this article was helpful and I will write you again soon to give you my best advice for non-toxic skincare as I have some new products to be delivered home in 2 days, yeahhh!! I did a lot of research and cannot wait to try some new products.

But first, I have to pack everything I need for this year’s Monaco F1 Grand Prix!

Have a good day ladies! Bisous bisous !!! 😘

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