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How many people, who’ve got stressful and busy weeks, are so tired once the weekend arrives, that they only want to stay at home?! 

They always find an excuse not to go out, whether it is because it’s raining, snowing, too hot, too cold or even too windy… They probably think that all they need is to be entertained, to watch a movie, eat fast foods because they don’t have the energy to cook, chat with friends on Facebook, cannot afford a plane ticket to go to somewhere sunny, and the list goes on!…

But if they would think twice about it, they would realise that the next Monday morning, they will be even more exhausted than the last Friday night! How could this happen?!!! Perhaps because they were stuck inside, and didn’t even go for a WALK OUTSIDE!

So I wanted to share here some tips to have a simple, great and energizing weekend:

– Have a good night of sleep to recover from the hard week (don’t go too late to bed).

– Change your mind, find the courage to walk in nature, go discovering a place you’ve never been before. The countryside is never far, even from a big city, and it will rebalance your spirit and body for sure!

– “Didn’t see your friends/family during the week?” Meet them outside, enjoy the moment and laugh together. Laugh is a great healing.

– Remember you live on a beautiful planet, and simplest things are sometimes the most satisfying ones.

– Rejuvenate yourself with deep breaths of clean fresh air. Also take a few deep breaths before eating and eat slowly (chew properly).

– Move: burning your fat will reduce your hunger, give you energy and inspiration, and it will also make you feel truly good and happy. (People who exercise are often less hungry than those who don’t and have a better metabolism, especially those doing yoga).

– Every single season and weather has its particular beauty. Look at all the beautiful colours surrounding you.

– The best medicine I know is found in nature.

– You don’t even need to travel far, you don’t need to run like crazy, you just need to WALK, SEE, LISTEN, and BREATHE!

You will have such a great feeling by the end of the weekend, that you’ll sleep well at night and will be ready to tackle the next week with energy and smile :)!

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