Jademoiselle – The final word

It is time for me to say goodbye to this blog in order to concentrate on other sides of my creativity and my own personal development. 

Jademoiselle was my first web creation and I had a lot of fun designing this website all by myself, which I’m proud of. It enabled me to be invited to some cool events as a blogger and I’m forever thankful for that as well as for the people who gave me the opportunity to take part of the greatest, craziest, mind-blowing ones, I think of one person in particular.

Nevertheless, I haven’t had the consistency of writing regularly due to my studies at university. There were many articles about great places to go on holiday, excellent healthy restaurants, juice bars, best pastry shops, chic boutiques, beautiful hotels, go-to places / travel guides for many destinations (Bali, Oman, Singapore, USA, Mexico, Ibiza, Ireland, France, Greece, Tahiti, …) I wanted to post but didn’t find time.

As a last piece of advice I’d like to tell you to ALWAYS do what brings you JOY. Even if a decision seems unreasonable,  uncertain, illogical, … but that your heart and your guts tell you to do it, then just do it! Life will thank you for that and bring you an abundance that you never ever thought of getting one day!

Take care of yourself, do what’s best for YOU, listen to your EMOTIONS and not just to your Mental. Be loving, forgiving and kind to others and surround yourself only with people that make you feel good.

Love, light and harmony to All, 



Special thanks to:
Marta Krakowka for capturing this funny moment 🙂
© 2020 photo: www.martaphotographer.com
Olga Vashchuk for makeup: www.makeupriviera.com
Anthony Penaud for hairstyle: www.nice-letempsdunepause.com
Guy Fima for choosing Jademoiselle as your featured blog in Cannes Madame magazine: www.cannes-madame.fr

Even though I won’t post anymore, my blog will remain active for those who would still like to find some content 😉

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