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Hello babes,

It’s been a long time since I last wrote and I thought it would be cool to do a little update about the face care products I’ve been using lately.

I am sorry for letting down my blog the last few months as I was very busy finishing the last part of my studies at University from September to Christmas. Actually my studies are not totally done yet as I will have to find a company for a 6-month internship (at least) and present my internship defense next September or October in order to complete my Master’s degree. But at least I am completelyyyy done with the go-to-classes and exams’ part, yeahhhh!!! 😁 I can’t wait to actually work! 😀

So that’s about my last news. Let’s talk skincare now!😉

As you all know I favor natural beauty products (skin, hair, makeup, hygiene products, …) as much as I can. Why? Because it’s healthier without all the bad chemicals and endocrine disruptors + it’s better for the planet. 💚🌎

If you haven’t heard about endocrine disruptors yet, I suggest you to read this article I wrote a few years ago. 

The brand I’ve been using the most since last October is Tata Harper

Everyone from beauty blogger Annie Atkinson to actress Gwyneth Paltrow is keen on this brand of very pure and natural skincare products.

Its founder whose name is the one of the brand, is a Columbian from Barranquilla. She now lives and works on her 1,200 acre farm in Vermont. Almost all the organic plants used to conceive the beauty products are grown there locally. Moreover, the plants are used very soon after their harvest to make the products and are quickly sent to the shelves in stores. Stocks are small. This therefore gives the products an incomparable freshness as well as a much better efficiency on the skin.🙂

I love using those products I ordered from Oh My Cream  as I live in France, it is also possible to order from their own website but it was more advantageous for me to order from this online French shop. So depending where you live I suggest you to compare the price of a local or online shop and the one of the brand’s official website, always taking into account the delivery costs. If you live in the UK, Content Beauty & Wellbeing also has many Tata Harper products. 

Because we all have different skin types and skin issues, I thought it would not be useful for you to explain here what each of the products I use are doing, but I left a link to each of them below so that you can read the information directly from the website and see if it fits your skin. If not, you can look for another product on the website, it is very well explained.

Products I’ve been using:

Clarifying Moisturizer (very light texture, I don’t like too creamy, rich formulas) 

Resurfacing Mask (I use it time to time) 

Clarifying Sport Solution (if I get some spots) 

I have also used Noni Glow Face Oil from Miranda Kerr’s KORA Organics brand, you can order it online from the official Australian website but some beauty stores might sell it close to where you live. For me the closest solution was Douglas as I live very close to Germany. Here is the link to where I got it from. 

As I’m always on the hunt for toxic additives in beauty products, I often use online databases to make sure the products I order are safe for the health and also cruelty-free.😊

Here are the ones I use the most:

Skin Deep

INCI Beauty 

If you read French, below is an interesting book which lists all the most recurring toxic additives in cosmetics. It’s also very convenient if you want to check an ingredient you know nothing about.



So I hope this post was useful, please let me know if you need other specific recommendations and let’s talk soon! 😉

Love, 😘


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