Colmar’s Organic Fair

Like every year almost, I went back to the “Foire Eco-Bio d’Alsace” which is an Organic fair taking place in Colmar, France, each year for 4 days during the ascension week-end.

People from neighbours’ countries are coming to this special event and at the same time visit the beautiful medieval and wine region located in the eastern part of France.

There, you will be able to discover and buy many things, from organic foods to juice machines, sprouting kits, food dehydrators, food supplements, natural perfume, make-up and skin-care products and even beautiful organic clothes and underwear of high quality.

You can also attend conferences taking place each day, but what I prefer when I’m going there is the food you get to eat there! There are various lunch possibilities and they are all better than another. You can eat the traditional “tartes flambées”, amazing crepes, or choose vegan and gluten free dishes. There are also specialities form different countries like India, Asia or African countries.

This year I enjoyed a lot eating a raw, vegan and gluten-free dish based on sprouts, green and carrot salad, with a home-made lentil, sesame and chickpea’s cream. It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

What I really liked was also that I wasn’t hungry for all day long and finished my day eating only 1-2 apples cooked in the oven. So this shows that you can really eat enough just with salad, legumes and sprouts, it is so healthy and you won’t have cravings for the rest of the day!

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