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For Love and Lemons

For about a year I fell totally in love with this brand which pretty name is For Love and Lemons … Here are my favourite choices for this season. There are two dresses I find super nice to wear in the evening for a special occasion, a transparent-white dress, a classic white bikini perfect for […]


When we’re in St. Tropez …

I came for the first time to St. Tropez, a very well-known French city for its yearly affluent jet-setters. This city became famous after the film “Et l’homme créa la femme” with Brigitte Bardot had been released, also because of an old French series shot there “Les gendarmes de St Tropez” with Louis de Funès […]


Happy Mother’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mothers in the world, and especially in France as it’s celebrated only in this country today! BONNE FÊTE DES MÈRES MES CHÉRIES !!! xoxo ! 🙂