When we’re in St. Tropez …

I came for the first time to St. Tropez, a very well-known French city for its yearly affluent jet-setters.

This city became famous after the film “Et l’homme créa la femme” with Brigitte Bardot had been released, also because of an old French series shot there “Les gendarmes de St Tropez” with Louis de Funès and Michel Galabru.
And more recently due to DJ Antoine vs Timati’s song “Welcome to St Tropez”… 😀

I had an excellent lunch at the Restaurant “La Ponche” which I recommend.

On the menu: soupe de poisson de roche, filets de rougets avec courgettes et tartelette de framboises à la pistache.

I also went to Pampelonne’s beach which is amazingly beautiful, and to the medieval village of Ramatuelle. This was a perfect day!

♡  ♥ ♡  ♥ ♡

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